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So this is a thing

Hit shuffle on your iPod, media player, or phone and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it on to 10 people. There’s one rule - no skipping!

Thanks for tagging me, stampede-of-unicorns! Sorry for the late reply. Here are the first 10 songs that I got:

  1. 21 pilots – Fake You Out
  2. Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains
  3. Beyonce – Video Phone
  4. 30 Seconds to Mars – Stronger
  5. 30 Seconds to Mars – Kings + Queens
  6. Paramore – Hallelujah
  7. My Chemical Romance – The End
  8. Lana Del Rey – Radio
  9. Fergie – A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
  10. 30 Seconds to Mars – End of All Days

I tag these 2, cause I know they like stuff like this, and if they don’t then they still have to: julka666 nicatine 


a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

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"I used to wear a lot of tweed, but it got banned. It’s too warm on stage for tweed. I would wear a full three-piece tweed suit with a cravat, and I used a nice ornate umbrella as a walking stick. I looked like an aristocrat on his way to shoot some game. Everyone was like, “That’s really not the direction we are trying to go with the band. We are trying to be a little bit cool. You literally look 70-years old”. And now I’ve got about twelve pairs of brogues that I’m not allowed to wear… It’s a “Sex and the City” reference."
- Will Farquarson. (via bastillewtf)

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